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Highland Primary School commends Applied Psychologies’ holistic approach to education psychology

Highlands Primary School is a large primary school located on the Bransholme Estate on the outskirts of Hull.

Applied Psychologies has worked with the school since September 2014 introducing a range of educational psychology services to support the school’s teachers, children, and families.

These services include casework, teacher training in building communities, restorative practice and positive mindset, Working on What Works (WoWW) initiatives, staff supervision and therapeutic work.

Within the school, there is a strong focus on the emotional wellbeing of the students to develop a calm and therapeutic learning environment.

Debra Smith, principal at Highlands Primary school said;

“We have been very pleased with the approach David and his team have had within the school and with the training, which has been delivered in a very positive manner. It is very different to a local authority. Our teachers are developing skills and understanding of their role, and they feel valued as a result. Especially through the introduction of ‘reflective practice.’ Our year six teacher has also been empowered through our WoWW work and is now cascading her knowledge in improving attitudes and behaviours across the school.”

A select team from Applied Psychologies work with Highland Primary School based on their skillset and knowledge of the requirements needed.

“It is very important to ensure consistency and longevity when implementing our services throughout schools,” said Dr David Lamb, director at Applied Psychologies and lead educational psychologist working with Highlands Primary School.

“We look at the bespoke needs of the school at a strategic level to deliver a strong program aligned with the school’s objectives, but we also take a holistic approach. We make sure we get to know the teachers, the children and the families - with a focus on their social and emotional health and wellbeing as well as their educational attainment or continuous professional development.”

Judged by Ofsted to be an outstanding school, Highlands Primary School has been designated as a teaching school, a national support school and also a Department for Education (DfE) sponsor.

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