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How are we doing?

It's a short team survey that we will be repeat twice a year.


We want to understand how you’re all feeling about your job, the work you’re doing and whether you’re happy.


All responses are anonymous so please be honest with us, we want to know if we can be doing better.

1. I am
2. I have the opportunity to do a range of work at AP
3. I feel my work has a positive impact
4. Supervision opportunities (group, clinical and line management) fulfil my supervision needs
5. I feel positive about my school allocation/ workload (e.g. number, type of school, geography)
6. I have a good work-life balance
7. I feel part of the AP team
8. I feel I am paid fairly for the job I do at AP
9. I am happy with my job at AP

Thanks for your feedback!

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