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Child Counselor


Our therapist draws on a range of practices from drama and play therapy to reflective practice and mental health training.


Below are some of the therapeutic practices we use in schools: 

  • Reflective practice for staff

  • Individual work with children and young people

  • Whole class approach

  • Guidance and support for parents and carers

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Small Group Work:

  • Managing feelings (5-11 year olds)

  • Getting on together (7-13 year olds)

  • Happy to be me (4-9 years)

  • Happy to be us (7-11 years)

  • Aspirations programme (11-15 years)

Group work:


Siblings Programme 

6-8 week programme for any child who has a family member with a physical, emotional or learning difficulty. Through a variety of activities to explore how being a sibling \ carer affects their life and share experiences

7- 11 Years 

Online or in person

Contact us to discuss our ad-hoc and service level agreement plans for your setting. 

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