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Specialist Paediatric Occupational Therapist

We can now offer assessments and reports, home or school programmes and individual therapy sessions.


Training packages:

  • Sensory integration awareness sessions

  • Moving and handling

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Sensory Integration Assessments

It incorporate both standardised and informal assessments and typically include the following:

  • Sensory Processing Measure – home and school checklists completed by parents/care givers and teachers

  • Observation both at school and in the home environment

  • Clinical Observations 

  • On completion of all assessments, a comprehensive report & recommendations will be drawn up using the Data Driven Decision Making Tool

All Ages

Online or in person

Hour Slots

Physical Needs Assessment

  • Specialist adaptive equipment such as wheelchairs, specialist seating, bathing and toileting equipment

  • Moving and handling assessments (including sling assessments)

  • Self care and functional skills assessment

  • Accessibility/environmental assessment

A Good Story

All Ages

Online or in person

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Staff Consultation

Online or in person, our staff consultations can be arranged

1-2-1 in advance or as part of staff drop in days depending on how your team prefers to work. Alex can discuss and support all areas of interaction and communication and provide practical strategies and next steps.


All consultations come with summary notes for you to take away. 

All Ages

Online or in person

Hour Slots

Contact us to discuss our occupational therapy services for your setting. 

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