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Hello! We're new to the area...

Applied Psychologies are new to the York and surrounding areas but we're not new.  We've been serving schools from Liverpool to Hull and more recently in Teesside for 11 years. Due to our growth in North Yorkshire we now have capacity in Selby and other York surrounding areas.


We'd love to meet you and see how we can help you, your young people and their families. We're available for service level agreements (SLAs) from September 2024. 

Try before you buy! 

Your free consultation.


Book in for your free consultation. It's one consultation per invited school and the consultation cannot discuss named children as we have no parental signatures. 

What's a consultation?

Consultations are short but effective. Speak one-to-one with an EP,  to gain a psychological perspective on any topic or issue that is pertinent to your work in school. This could be anything from how to support a particular (unnamed) child, considering pedagogical issues at individual, class or whole school level, exploring issues around staff wellbeing, or reflecting on your whole-school strategic approach to SEND. We will work collaboratively to discuss your specific situation and identify some practical ways forward.

Alicia and David are available for your free EP consultation and Amy can discuss working with us if you are interested in our service level agreements. 

The free consultation is no obligation - you do not need to take any paid work with us. We just hope you find it useful and if you do want to talk about working together, contact Amy Robson our Director of Business to talk about how we work on  

Meet your EPs

Alicia and David are looking forward to meeting you for your consultation. 

  Meet the full team here.

What our schools say.. 

Primary School, 

North East 

“Great working relationships. Constant communication between school and service, advice and support offered is fantastic."

Secondary School,

North West

“On time, will work to accommodate school if sessions are needed. Good planning and organisation, reports are in good detail. Ed Psych is willing to discuss changes.”

Primary School,


"Working alongside a team, who we have built great working relationships with and that we can trust to speak in an open and honest way with. It is clear all members of the team are there and want to support us and our children."
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