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Precision Teaching

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Identifying what a student has learned and how well they have learned it.

Precision Teaching isn’t really a style of teaching, it is best thought of as an intervention that does three main things: It teaches children key academic skills (e.g. reading, spelling, numeracy) while at the same time monitoring their progress and identifying the best method of teaching for the student.

How does it work?

It’s a well-established, evidence-based intervention through which all children can be taught key academic skills in as little as five minutes per day.

Because these daily sessions are so short and success is achieved daily, it’s particularly motivating for children who are reluctant readers, children who find it difficult to concentrate and those who find it difficult to remember things.

It accelerates learning so quickly because it uses principles of overlearning to make sure that children learn these skills to ‘mastery’ level, meaning that they won’t forget what they’ve learned, which is absolutely vital for today’s fast-paced learning environments.

Monitor progress at the same time!

Used in a one-to-one setting of teacher and child, what makes Precision Teaching really effective is that it enables you to monitor the progress of the child. As the child’s progress is tracked visually, they can see instantly how well they are doing which has a positive impact on their confidence and motivation. It focuses on accuracy and fluency but also the retention of skills. This helps children who may be able to recite their times tables one day, but forget it the next. It also identifies the most effective teaching strategies for the child, which can transform their learning across the whole curriculum.

The tasks set out by Precision Teaching enable a child to practise a skill until they are fluent in it and it becomes automatic. It can be used with primary school children, secondary school students, children with special educational needs and young adults.

Become trained in PT

Applied Psychologies host regular training seminars on understanding precision teaching and how it can work for you. Please send us an email to register your interest or for more information.

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