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Half term appreciation - December is for all of you!

This half term we wanted to focus on you - our schools and teaching staff.

We wanted to say thank you for all that you do. For the over and above, for the passion and perseverance and for the extra care and interest you take in the children and young people in your care.

Here are some of the shout outs and thank you’s from our team to the schools and staff they’ve been working with this year.

Outwood Academy, Hindley

"Mark Brown, Head of Year at Outwood Academy Hindley - Consistently caring approach to working with young people and their families. Mr Brown puts in time and effort to really get to know students, taking an interest in them and championing their best interests in school. The impact this has is clear to see, with students reporting that Mr Brown 'wants the best for me'"

Yarm Primary School, Stockton-on-Tees

"Year 4 teacher at Yarm Primary. For his proactive and creative approach to skilfully meeting a range of needs in his class, while still making time to reflect on practice and develop his ideas even further through consultation."

Enquire Learning Trust

"Fantastic team of Principals and Vice Principals from across Enquire Learning Trust yesterday. For their thought-provoking contributions to a discussion about the complexities of ethics and exclusion, and their obvious passion and commitment to ensuring the best outcomes for every child in their schools"

Harrow Gate Primary Academy, Stockton-on-Tees

"Miss Cook - Year 5 teacher at Harrow Gate Academy. For her hard work and commitment to meeting the needs of every child and creating a calm, positive working environment for her class."

Adelaide Primary School, Hull

"Kirsten, Head of Adelaide Primary School was so excited about getting an EP she said 'today is my birthday and I was more excited about this phone call than my birthday'"

Whiston Willis, Lancaster

"I had a positive consultation at Whiston Willis. The staff in Year 1 are doing some great work to support a chap who needs extra support, it is clear that they’ve gone above and beyond already but still open minded about new ideas and strategies. Child centred, solution focused, great to collaborate with"


Oakdene Primary School, Stockton-on-Tees

"Mrs Farnaby (SENCO) and Mr McConell (Y5 teacher) for a brilliant, collaborative feedback meeting last week; working together to identify positive, creative approaches to supporting one of their children"

Linden Road Primary, Manchester

"Thank you to the whole staff team at Linden Road Primary for working with us in such an engaged and creative way, driven by a desire to support the needs of the school community as a whole."

Thorpepark Academy, Hull

"Well done to the Year 4 team at Thorpepark Academy who successfully engaged in two Working on What Works (WOWW) classroom interventions this half-term. Due to their commitment to WOWW and working effectively with their educational psychologist, excellent progress has been made regarding children’s social, emotional, and learning needs. Bravo!"

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