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Same quality training, now available online!

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

Spread the word, Applied Psychologies training is going online, meaning more of you can access the training we normally only offer to our schools.

The pandemic has been pretty awful we agree however, we like to see the positives wherever we can (it's kind of our job) and online working does mean that CPD can be more accessible. Our training is normally limited to the schools we work in and then to the size of the classroom or hall - but we're bringing some of our favourite sessions online and we're pretty excited about it! Starting with our Advisory Teacher for Interaction and Communication, Alex's Speech, Language and Communication Needs programme.

All of our events can be found here and will be published on Twitter and Linked In as new events are listed. Keep an eye out and book fast!.

Here's our upcoming events...

Saturday 12th December, 10.00 - 11.15am

Alex will be running her Vocabulary Development session which focuses on the link between vocabulary and attainment. As with most of Alex' sessions, there will be plenty of practical tips and take aways to ensure you go back to class with a better understanding and the tools to put your learning into practice.

£35 per person

To book email or call 01482 643458.


Monday 18th January, 3.45-5.00pm

SLCN in the Early Years looks at developmental norms and ways to support vocabulary and expressive language development as well as looking at ideas to promote attention and listening. Add to your SLCN toolkit with this practical session.

£35 per person

Alex will be covering more SLCN topics next term so keep an eye out! Need tips now? Read her blog article on SLCN in time of change here.

To book email or call 01482 643458.


Thursday 4th February, 4.00 -5.30pm

Unconscious Bias: Exploring Race, Identity and Discrimination in Education with Jeffrey Boakye. David and Jonny will co-host this thought provoking, challenging and inspiring session brought to us by author and teacher, Jeffrey Boakye.

We're having the conversation in our team, in our schools and in our home an we're sure you are too. As Jeffrey says:

"It’s not enough for adults to be not racist. We need to lean into anti-racism, and every school needs to become a site of this anti-racist work. This, for me, has been the big reveal of my career. From the start of my career in the heart of multicultural London, to East Yorkshire, where I live and work now, I’ve seen the need for a better understanding of race in education."

You won't want to miss this session. £35 per person.

To book email or call 01482 643458.


If you would like to book any of our training sessions for your school or setting please get in touch on to discuss or call 01482 643458.


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